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Improve Your Ranking On Amazon

Amazon is currently the world’s busiest e-commerce portal with its daily sales turnover crosses millions and billions per day. According to statistics, Amazon enjoys the confidence of more than 300 million customers worldwide. For all e-commerce traders, Amazon is the best website to boost their sales and business.

Amazon is changing at a rapid rate, ranking products is getting more difficult and the A9 algorithm is becoming more advanced by the day. Over the past few months, we asked 7 experts for their opinions on selling, optimisation and ranking products inside Amazon.

Amazon SEO is an acronym for Amazon Search Engine Optimization. In other words, setting up and adjusting your Amazon product listing regularly to appease Amazon’s a9 search algorithm with the goal of your Amazon product listings showing up on the first page of Amazon product search results.

tips for how to optimise and market your product listings on Amazon

Marketplace SEO is all about knowing how marketplaces like Amazon index your product listings and decide which products to show customers based on what they are searching for. The good news here is that you don’t have to be a technical SEO whiz to give your products a leg-up on Amazon, there are plenty of easy steps you can take to ensure your listings are optimised for Amazon’s A9 algorithm to be able to find and serve your products for customer searches.

Listing Quality
A successful Amazon product all rests on listing quality – no matter how much traffic you get to your listing with Sponsored Products or SEO, if you can’t showcase your products in the best possible way to your potential customers they just won’t buy them. If you’re new to Amazon, the good news is it’s easy to put together a quality listing if you have the time and commitment to do so.

Sales History, Reviews and Star Rating:
These are the big three when it comes to ranking factors for Amazon’s A9 algorithm, and they are all very much interrelated. Products that sell more often and have lots of positive reviews are the ones that Amazon will put in front of the most customers. When starting out, focus on sales and reviews more so than generating revenue and profit. A successful listing needs a good foundation of positive reviews, so consider launching at a lower price point – the lower the price, the faster you’ll sell and the sooner the reviews start coming in.

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